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One of the leading companies in technological solutions through an e-commerce platform, providing many services to manufactures in small and medium industries, to aid market entry as well as facilitating communication with prospective customers.
Ex Portal has been established through a joint interest-merger of 3 multi-domain companies: Direct Arabia, Systrix Egypt and Admin Solutions
Ex Portal's board of directors bring to the table a wealth of experience from various fields with a shared understanding and goals.
Through Ex Portal, communication channels are facilitated between exporters, importers, shipping, insurance and quality inspection companies. At our customer's disposal, access to sources of raw and intermediate materials which are at the core of their production is continuously availed.
Ex Portal has a network of overseas offices covering essential commercial areas and contact points which not only assist not only exporter but also the importer. Experts in the fields of technology, banking, administration, marketing and training have joined Ex Portal to build a future.
Ex Portal aims to provide its prospective clients with professional technological services, ensuring privacy preservation...

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